Upgrade Project – Case Study

About this Project

BJT Equip is proud to have a long history with McIlwain across numerous projects. In recent times have been repairs across South-East Queensland after extensive and severe damage to state-controlled road networks in the Gold Coast hinterland was caused by sustained heavy rainfall and flooding in early 2022.

The record rainfall in February and again in March resulted in landslips, embankment failures, road and bridge damage and hazards in many locations. As soon as it was safe to do so, McIlwain and BJT Equip had crews assessing road damage and making urgent repairs to restore access for the local communities.

The batter slips, erosion, debris slides, and rock falls required emergency response and reconstruction work to stabilise the land and rectify the damage.

BJT Equips plant, equipment and teams have been working hard with McIlwain to remove hazards and repair damage to enable some roads to safely reopen. Services included excavators with specialised hydraulic grabs and attachments to clear trees and grubbing of other vegetation.

We provided machines with highly skilled and experienced operators to undertake slope battering and installation of erosion and sediment controls. Culvert repair and clearing of existing drains.

Our Fleet of trucks ranging from 8t, 12t and 16.5t tippers have also been kept exceptionally busy moving materials around on site together with the task of importing materials from the quarry to the project for re-stabilisation works.

Our Vac Hydro Excavation combo truck has been and continues to be in very high demand throughout the project to vacuum and clear out the network of drainage pipes and culverts. The Vac Combo also has a unique 1.7t mini excavator on it, with a complement of hydraulic attachments. This has been a vital piece of plant required on site to excavate through hard surfaces with the 1.7t mini excavator to locate underground services to fix and repair or to locate for safety. Extremely handy to have a unique multi-purpose unit to eliminate the number of contractors on site in somewhat access-restricted areas.

Damage assessments and repairs are ongoing. Due to the widespread and severe nature of the damage, a significant programme of reconstruction works will be required over the next 2 years.

BJT Equip and McIlwain will be there to correct the current damage, to re-install and install new services and pathways helping the community and residences to get back to normal, safely.