We all know and valuably understand that there can never be enough emphasis and focus on safety. Safety draws intentional focus across several key pivotal factors. We encourage each job site, contractor, sub-contractor, civil and infrastructure company, local government, and council departments to take advantage of the Christmas break and hold a full operator and plant and equipment safety audit.

A key focus should be on the qualifications of plant and equipment operators individually. Understandably any person operating plant and equipment needs to be qualified to do so. They must hold the required qualifications and experience to safely operate machinery, hold a Verification of Competency AKA VOC. They also need to have plant and machinery knowledge and awareness for them to correctly inspect that any piece of specific plant is fit for purpose before use, during operations and after works and the knowledge to cease work immediately should they have any concern. If operators needed up skilling or additional training the Christmas break will also be the ideal time to do so. After all, it’s not a safe practice to train an operator on a busy congested work site or project.

Another intentional focus on safety is plant and equipment based. Plant and equipment must undergo regular regimented servicing and inspection to ensure it is fit for purpose. This includes the recording of the plant-specific service and repair history records. It must also record the OEM operator’s manual for the machine and attachments. Copy of a plant-specific Safe Work Method Statement or SWMS. Ideally, there should be direct access to additional items such as the plant’s current insurance and registration certificates – if relevant.

There is no better time… Should plant and equipment not be in a true fit for purpose condition the Christmas break period will provide an ideal time for any necessary service or repairs to be conducted.

BJT Equipment has over an extensive period been developing the state-of-the-art safety compliance system. We have engineered and copy written a program that delivers a new level of safety compliance across the board for all plant, equipment, attachments, and operators. BJT Equipment work for such a vast customer and clientele base and often they each run a somewhat different system. A lot of the time the different systems do not allow for fast clear and concise access to the documents, plant records, SWMS, risk assessments, operators manuals, attachment manuals, operator licenses and competencies. So often the different systems being used today cannot cross communicate vital information between them. This also increases the likelihood that vital information is missed, overlooked, or just not followed up upon.

Pictured is an example of BJT Equipments state of the art new specifically designed and engineered hydro vacuum excavation combo units. This unit far exceeds all safety and operation requirements and is available for hire now, operated by undoubtedly one of the industries most skilled, qualified, and experienced operators. In addition to the hydro vacuum excavator combo, BJT Equipment has an extensive range of trucks, excavators, specialised attachments, posi-track loaders, GPS, all able to deliver your project top productivity, safety-focused outcomes – maximising improvement of your overall business and project performance.

If you would like additional information about the new and extremely high level of plant, equipment, machinery, and operator safety compliance that BJT Equipment can provide for your project, large or small you can contact BJT Equipment direct on 1300 BJT EQUIP, that’s 1300 2583 7847.