BJT Equips Director, Ben Teudt,  has ingrained since starting BJT Equip in 2017 a clear employee development programme, believing that everyone deserves an opportunity to upskill their qualifications.

Ben himself was given few opportunities to do so throughout his career and with an even greater determination sought out his own opportunities to expand and grow his own skill set.

Ben realised a shortage of company based and company encouraged opportunities throughout his working life and is determined to make a clearer and a more business supported pathway for employees of BJT Equip.

This is best been exampled by the below: Last names have been left out to respect the privacy of the individuals.

Simon M:

Simon joined BJT Equip with an already vast skill set and experience in the operations of small through to large excavators. Also qualified and familiar in the operations of heavy material haulage in single axle, tandem axle, and 8-wheeler twin steer trucks. 

Simon was working FIFO (Fly In Fly Out) on project/s at very remote distance to his home base located on the southern end of the Gold Coast. Quite a lot of operators within the civil industry undertake these jobs to earn a high income, however it comes with a personal cost to health, relationships, and friendships, with partners struggling to have what they often refer to as a part time relationship.

Since starting his employment with BJT Equip Simon has also been given opportunities to expand his skills growth with exposure and opportunity to operate machinery with specialised attachments and the latest emerging new technologies such as the machine integrated controls systems such as GPS Machine control. Simon has also upgraded his truck drivers’ class of licence with opportunity and exposure to the towing of Tag Trailers and Drop / Spreader decks used to cart the heavy haulage of large plant and equipment. 

Having been given these opportunities has allowed Simon to become more multi-functional with his skill set, which has also afforded himself with well-paid steady regular hours of work which no longer see him having to take remote work or FIFO to earn an income corresponding to his skill. It has also greatly benefited BJT Equip having such a loyal & versatile employee.

Mitch R:

Mitch first answered an advertised opportunity to join BJT Equip as a plant / excavator operator. At interview Mitch made it quite clear that he was hungry in seeking an opportunity to operate larger machines and to grow his skill set in the operations of other machines and specialised attachments.

Mitch made free open comment that his previous employment history lacked employer supported opportunities and growth of his desired skill set, to the point where he started to question his interest in continuing in the civil industry. 

BJT Equip has fostered, encouraged, and supervised opportunities to allow Mitch exposure to satisfy his hunger to grow confidant, consistent experience effectively learning while he is earning.

In a relatively short period of time Mitch has successfully gained on job experience to the point now where can operate a much larger range of various sized machines and their matched specialised attachments.  He has additionally gained experience not just in excavators, but also in the safe operations of various size tipper trucks and an even more unique skill set in the operating of a Vacuum / Hydro Excavation truck.

Mitch’s hunger to gain ongoing new skill sets across the entire range of plant and equipment remains strong. BJT Equips commitment to continue to offer Mitch opportunities is equally as strong. BJT Equip are proud to offer and provide healthy growing source of income and opportunities to all Team members.

Millar K:

BJT Equip are intentionally proud to provide Long-Term Stable employment while at the same time also respecting that there needs to be a healthy work / life balance in a harmonious environment.

Millar is one of the longest-term team members of BJT Equip. He has over the numerous years of employment worked in all but the total array of our plant and equipment. From the smallest of excavators in fleet a 3.5t right the way up to a 36t excavator, at times operating anyone of their attachments such as Augers, Rock Augers, Hammers / Breakers, Rippers, Pin / Compaction Wheels and has also operated Machine Control GPS Systems. Millar is also qualified, skilled and experienced in operating the range of 8t, 12t and 16.5 t Tippers within our fleet, while at times also transporting heavy plant and equipment on Tag trailer HC Licenced trucks.

Millar credits his long history of employment and stated he will continue to stay with BJT Equip because it offers him diversity in task while keeping him close to home to enjoy his family, friends, and personal interest pursuits all while enjoying a positive and harmonious team environment.

Brad P:

Brad is also one of BJT Equips longest employees and yet another great example of advancing his position within the business. 

Brad came to the employ of BJT Equip with a vast experience and background in Fleet management having spent many years employed by a state transport company. Co-ordinating drivers for a State-Wide bus company brad oversaw the scheduling of drivers and the maintenance of the fleet of busses. 

Brad’s exposure to the civil industry was quite limited when he first joined BJT Equip he initially took the position as a Tipper driver on local council projects through to an array of civil infrastructure and commercial development projects and sites. 

Brad also had hunger and thirst to grow and expand his practical skill set within the civil industry keen to learn to operate numerous plant and equipment such as excavators, Hydro Vacuum Excavations trucks and to upgrade his licence in order to be able to transport heavy plant and equipment on a tipper & tag trailer together with operating the Prime Mover & Tri-axle spreader deck trailer.

Having successfully gained skill, experience, and licence to do all of the above, Brad has now taken on the key pivotal position of Operations and Compliance Manager.

This position has brought with it a whole new skill set that Brad has quickly mastered and he continues to take on a growing list of additional key duties such as helping to implement the new ISO Accreditations systems and policies into the daily practices of BJT Equip while together helping a team of over 20 operators to understand and best utilise their skills and to assisting them with the opportunities to grow and upskill themselves in areas that best interest the specific individuals.

Brad is in fact using his pathway of growth and upskill to successfully enable others to do the same., if they wish.